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Refund Policy


For manufacturing defects, all of our products come with a 2-day warranty. An invoice number must be submitted on in order to continue.



  • You can ask for a refund or exchange of the product within two days of the transaction. The claim will no longer be acceptable after that.
  • Within two days following the purchase, the product may be exchanged or returned. The claim will no longer be acceptable after that.
  • To be eligible for a refund or return, the item must be sent back in brand-new, unused condition and packaged in the original manufacturer packaging.
  • No sold item may be returned unless the following conditions are met: Manufacturing faults, Packing issues



We will send you an email to confirm receipt as soon as we receive your products. When the item is examined, you will be informed through email as to whether or not your refund request has been granted. If your reimbursement is approved by bank transfer or, in uncommon circumstances, cash, it will be processed. The same goods will be shipped back to your shipping address if they are rejected.



Only defective or damaged items are eligible for exchange. If you want to exchange the item for a similar one, send us an exchange request at [email protected].



The following are NOT covered by this guarantee and are not excluded from it:

Tanks, as well as other accessories like chargers, batteries, coils, and new glass.
Please keep in mind that the guarantee only applies to manufacturing defects. In the event of misuse, scuffs, drop damage, or inappropriate handling of batteries or chargers, the warranty shall be immediately invalid.

We at the are not responsible for

  • Violence in any kind is unacceptable.
  • a broken or dropped device
  • Multiple scratches
  • Any unanticipated circumstance
  • items that have been opened by a third party
  • Additional warranties that apply to these products
  • repairs made by someone other than authorized service employees from -
  • Any harm brought on by use, regardless of the situation
  • Damages and errors using third-party ( software
  • Products with missing or altered serial numbers may have problems as a result of modifications or alterations.



By using the website, the user agrees to defend, hold harmless, and cover from and against any and all claims, losses, costs, and expenses, including attorneys' fees.



Overuse, Vape equipment doesn't last as long as brand-new refrigerators, TVs, or mobile phones because it all depends on your knowledge and whether you are aware of the specifications and capabilities of these items.

Vaping in general is a passion, thus before making a purchase, you must watch reviews, study tutorials, and conduct research. It goes without saying that no warranty will apply if an item is damaged because you were "learning" how to use, maintain, or operate it. have no affiliation with PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL (PMI). This is not official webste of PMI & IQOS.