IQOS Heets Kazakhstan Sticks

IQOS Heets Classic Kazakhstan sticks

Perfect combination to go with your IQOS devices, Heets classic sticks are the right replacement for your nicotine needs without giving you nicotine. The intense flavor, aroma, and long-lasting refills will provide quick satisfaction and pleasure. Our Classic Heets collection is known for its intense flavor palette and advanced design.

Our heet sticks are made with 100 percent organic tobacco and do not produce harmful smoke or damage the environment. The heated tobacco gives the aroma and feel without actually inhaling the nicotine, so users can easily quit smoking or nicotine intake without difficulty.

Manufactured by Philips Morris International, our E-cigarettes are a step towards a nicotine-free future with eco-friendly alternatives.

If you are in for unsurpassed high-quality vapes or tobacco sticks compatible with your IQOS devices and kits, then look no further, as heet sticks imported from Kazakhstan are the right fit for you. With longer and more drags and advanced functions, you can enjoy smoking cigarettes without any nicotine intake.

Available flavors of IQOS Heets classic Kazakhstan sticks

Heets classic sticks are available in seven unique flavors to surprise you with their unmatchable quality and experience. We have in store something for everyone. Let's have a peek at the description of the flavors of Heets classic Kazakhstan sticks, which include:

  • Bronze Heets selection- the bronze Heets selection has cocoa and notes of dried fruits.
  • Amber Heets selection- if you prefer light notes or nutty flavors, you can enjoy the Amber Hetets selection
  • Green Zing sticks selection- Green Zing has menthol and citrus herbal flavors.
  • Purple Wave sHeets selection- it's a blended surprise packed with string flavors of berries.
  • Yellow Heets sticks selection- this flavor has mild tobacco and spicy notes.
  • Turquoise Heets sticks- a blend of menthol and tobacco flavor mixing spicy and cooling notes
  • Heets Silver selection- if you are a fan of regular pure tobacco flavor, then this one will give you an unfiltered and soft tobacco palette
  • Tropical Swift Heets sticks- get the refreshing menthol flavor with the blend of tropical fruits.

Delivery and shipping charges

Our Heets sticks are available in Dubai and any UAE city, including Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al-Kahimah, Umm-al Quwain, Al-Ain, Abu-Dhabi, and Sharjah. You can get same-day delivery within 4 hours if you have ordered before, although, for orders above 200 AED, you can avail yourself of free home delivery.

Quantity and pricing

Each carton comes with 20 Heets of sticks, including ten packs of Heets of sticks. The price of one pack or carton starts at 83 AED.

Why Choose Matsu. ae to Buy Heets Classic in Dubai, UAE?

If you want a trusted online store to order Classic Kazakhstan Heets sticks to go with your IQOS device at reasonable rates and with the fastest delivery all over the UAE, then there is no more reliable seller than us.

So shop without any worries from, and we will send you whatever flavor heet sticks from Kazakhstan you like. Enjoy the best e-cigarettes in the United Arab Emirates.

Are the Heets classic sticks ready to go with all IQOS devices?

Yes, these sticks are made according to the IQOS devices, and you can just open and use these fillers without any issues.