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IQOS Heets Bronze Selection Sticks

IQOS Heets Bronze Selection Sticks

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Packed in a white and brown packet, Heets bronze sticks come in a 20-stick pack. Each carton contains ten packs, making 200 Heets of bronze sticks. The Heets bronze selection has a delectable blend of cocoa-dried fruits and mild tobacco with an enjoyable taste.

The nicotine level in each Heets bronze stick is approximately 0.5mg, which makes it a healthier alternative for smoking. The Heets bronze selection sticks are compatible with the IQOS device range, including IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 multi, IQOS lil Solid, and IQOS 2.4 plus.

Flavor of IQOS Heets bronze selection

Experience a delightful balance of cocoa and dried fruit blended with a light tobacco taste, blended with IQOS Heets bronze selection. The pleasurable aroma of cocoa and dried fruits makes it more flavorful for lovers of traditional notes. The bronze sticks are in high demand and are a great option to switch from regular smoking. 

User experience with Heets bronze selection

The Heets bronze selection sticks are hot seller flavours due to their fantastic blend of flavors and delicate notes that give a traditional aftertaste. The aroma of the bronze selection is also very inviting, and they will crave more.

User reviews:

  • Aroma: 5/5
  • Strength: 3.5/5
  • User satisfaction:  4.5/5

Who Should Buy Heets Bronze Selection?

The IQOS Heets bronze sticks are a great replacement to limit your nicotine intake and replace smoking with a healthy option. The Bronze label sticks are suitable for people:

  • Who likes traditional dried fruit and cocoa notes
  • Anyone who wants to try healthier smoking options or quality vaping
  • The sticks are suitable for use for ages 18+

Why Matsu?

If you want to buy Heets Bronze selection sticks in Dubai, there is no place better than Matsu because: