IQOS Heets Terea Indonesia Sticks

Another outstanding collection of IQOS Heets sticks by Phillips Morris International are their TEREA Indonesia sticks. With the self heating built-in function and residue free burning ,these sticks are safe for the planet along with your health. The Indonesian tobacco blend is the safest variant among all TEREA versions and offers great taste and experience while keeping your health in check.

Flavors Available in Heets TEREA Indonesia Collection

The Heets TEREA Indonesia version comes in seven delectable flavors that are as follows:

  • TEREA Dimension Apricity sticks:  an uncommon combination of creamy, fruity and woody notes blended with tobacco flavor
  • TEREA Dimension Yugen selection:  aromatic floral and ripe fruity notes
  • TEREA Blue selection from Indonesia: a delicious blend of menthol coolness and creamy softness.
  • TEREA Bronze sticks Indonesia version: comforting cocoa and dried fruit blend
  • TEREA Black Green sticks Indonesia selection: citrusy green fruit notes with menthol freshness and tobacco hint
  • Heets TEREA Green Indonesia sticks: mint flavor kick with deep tobacco notes
  • TEREA Bright Wave selection from Indonesia: overloaded freshness with menthol and green fruits blend

Delivery and Pricing in UAE

The price range of Heets TEREA Indonesia selection is between 235-250 AED. You can avail fast within 2 hours delivery all over UAE through our Platform. Cities we deliver in include Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al-Ain, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman.

Why is Matsu the best platform to order Heets TEREA Indonesia sticks in UAE online?

At Matsu you can get Heets TEREA Indonesia selection at most attractive prices and avail amazing discounts. Not only that, you can try other variants such as Heets TEREA Japan, TEREA UAE and Heets Pearl selection. We provide a complete guarantee of original product and remarkable quality. Moreover we deliver within 2 hours in any city of UAE.

Are TEREA Indonesia sticks stronger in flavor ?

Heets TEREA Indonesia features a medium strength tobacco blend that is sufficient for experienced smokers and gentle for the ones trying for the first time.