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IQOS Heets TEREA Black Green Sticks Indonesia Version

IQOS Heets TEREA Black Green Sticks Indonesia Version

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It comes in a 20 sticks pack with 10 packs in each carton. The TEREA Bright Green Indonesia version includes a very gentle tobacco flavor with menthol freshness and citrusy green fruit aroma. The nicotine level is 0.5 mg per stick and they are safe to use with ILUMA devices only.

Flavor of TEREA Black Green Indonesia sticks

The TEREA Black Green selection  from Indonesia has a light and soothing tobacco blend combined with cool menthol blast. It features an appealing green fruit aroma that makes the experience more enjoyable.

User Experience with TEREA Black Green Indonesia selection

Users experience a fresh and invigorating with a fruity blast aroma and pleasurable aftertaste.

User Reviews:

  • Aroma:4/5
  • Strength: 3/5
  • User satisfaction: 4.5/5

Who should buy TEREA Black Green sticks?

If you are looking for something light and refreshing then this flavor is for you. It's great for novice smokers who don't like the harsh tobacco taste and aroma. The sticks are recommended to use for ages 18 and above.

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