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IQOS Heets Bronze Selection


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IQOS Heets Bronze Selection

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Vendor : IQOS Heets Dubai

Product SKU : IQHEETSABU0400235

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IQOS Heets Bronze Selection

Get ready to experience a full-bodied blend of the finest tobacco leaves and aromatic notes of cocoa with the 'Bronze selection' of IQOS Heets. These tobacco sticks are sure to satisfy your cravings with their chocolate or nutty flavors. Every pack of 20 specially crafted tobacco sticks has been meticulously designed to be exclusively used with the IQOS device. Don't wait to try these refreshing and satisfying tobacco sticks – grab your IQOS and light up!

Taste of IQOS Heets Bronze Selection

For those devoted to bold flavors, Bronze Selection is a tobacco blend that will truly tantalize your taste buds. It boasts an intense aroma of cocoa and dried fruits that result in a lingering aftertaste of dry fruit or nuts. Treat yourself to an indulgent and luxurious experience with each puff!

Who Should Pick IQOS Heets Bronze Selection?

The 'mid-level' tobacco cigarette described in this statement is intended for smokers who are transitioning from robust cigarettes to a more mellow flavor. Rich and intense, this tobacco blend has a robust flavor profile with subtle undertones of cocoa and dried fruits. The smoke produced by this cigarette is expected to be strong and powerful.


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Mohamed Al Sawaie

Quite impressive. The tobacco possesses a robust strength. The flavor is pleasant, which suits my preferences just fine. The ordering process went smoothly.

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