How Does IQOS Different from a Vape?

How Does IQOS Different from a Vape?

If you are looking at how IQOS is different from Vape then you are in the right place. They each have their own unique qualities and provide different experiences when it comes to smoking. But before knowing why IQOS is different from vaping, we need to understand what the two are. Let's discuss both in detail.

What are IQOS and Vape


On the other hand, IQOS is a type of smoking device produced by Philip Morris International. It stands for "I Quit Ordinary Smoking" and is intended to be a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes. This is because it heats tobacco instead of burning it, which reduces the amount of smoke and chemicals released when smoking.


On the other hand, Vape is an electronic device that simulates smoking by producing an aerosol, which is commonly referred to as “vapor”. This vapor contains nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals that are inhaled. It uses e-liquid which is a mixture of ingredients that produce the vapor. Ans also produce smoke. It used to be considered a ‘safer’ alternative to smoking, but research has shown that it is not risk-free and can have some serious health risks.

What sets IQOS apart from Vape?

IQOS and Vape are two different products with different experiences associated with them.

  •  IQOS uses real tobacco, while vapes use e-liquid or vape juice that may contain nicotine.
  •  IQOS heats the tobacco to create a vapor, while vapes use a battery-powered coil to heat the e-liquid and create a vapor.
  •  IQOS is a "heat-not-burn" device, while vapes are considered electronic cigarettes.
  •  IQOS has been approved by some regulatory bodies, and a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, while the long-term health effects of vaping are still being studied.
  •  IQOS is a relatively new technology, while vapes have been around for over a decade.
  •  IQOS is not refillable, whereas vapes are.
  •  IQOS is not as portable as vapes, as it requires a charging device, while vapes can be charged on the go.
  •  IQOS has a more limited availability in comparison to vapes, which can be found at most convenience stores and vape shops.

Why is IQOS better than Vape?

Unlike vape, IQOS does not use an e-liquid filled with nicotine or any other chemicals. Instead, it uses authentic tobacco sticks which are heated up to release nicotine. IQOS also produces significantly less smoke than a traditional cigarette and the smell of tobacco is far less intense.

So, while IQOS and vapes both offer a slightly less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes, they work in entirely different ways. While vapes use an e-liquid filled with nicotine and other chemicals, IQOS uses tobacco sticks to provide the same effect but without harmful chemicals. Furthermore, IQOS produces far less smoke and smell than traditional cigarettes or vapes.

Ultimately, it is up to the smoker to decide which device is right for them, but IQOS provides a safer and more enjoyable experience if you are looking to switch from smoking. With their realistic tobacco taste and the potential for fewer health risks, IQOS is a great alternative to smoking.

How IQOS is revolutionizing the smoking industry

IQOS is revolutionizing the smoking industry in a big way. Unlike vapes, IQOS doesn’t require any cartridges or refills of any kind. Instead, the device uses real tobacco to deliver a cigarette-like experience that's more authentic and flavorful than ever before. Plus, it doesn’t produce any smoke, so you can enjoy the taste without the guilt.

With IQOS, smokers get to experience a more natural and authentic taste without the tar and chemicals of traditional cigarettes. It’s a nicotine experience like never before, and it’s changing the way smokers view the industry. Now, smokers can enjoy their favorite flavor that’s free from smoke, tar, and other chemicals.

The health implications of IQOS vs Vape

When it comes to health, IQOS is the clear winner when compared to vapes. Since IQOS uses real tobacco, there are no e-liquids, additives, or chemicals involved in the process. This means that IQOS produces fewer health risks than vapes, which have been linked to respiratory and cardiovascular issues, as well as an increased risk for addiction.

Furthermore, IQOS does not produce any smoke or second-hand vapor, which can be harmful to both smokers and non-smokers alike. IQOS is also approved by some regulatory bodies as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes.

So, while IQOS and vapes are both less harmful alternatives to smoking cigarettes, IQOS is the healthier option when it comes to health implications. It’s definitely the safer choice for smokers who are looking to switch from smoking.


IQOS is a revolutionary device that’s revolutionizing the smoking industry. It uses real tobacco to deliver an authentic and flavorful experience without smoke, tar, or other chemicals. It’s a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and vapes alike, producing fewer health risks and no second-hand smoke or vapor. So, if you’re looking for a safer and more enjoyable smoking experience, IQOS is the way to go.

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