All Your Questions Answered: A FAQ's about IQOS Heets

All Your Questions Answered: A FAQ's about IQOS Heets

IQOS is a revolutionary device designed by Philip Morris International to provide a satisfying experience without generating smoke. IQOS is the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. It uses heated tobacco instead of burning it, and produces far fewer toxins than smoking conventional cigarettes.

Whether long-time smokers or new users alike, using an IQOS device is a sure way to get a great experience! However, many people are unsure of how to use an IQOS device.

Question Answers About Using IQOS

Here are some frequently asked questions about using IQOS

Question : What is the difference between smoking and using an IQOS device?

Answer : Smoking traditionally involves burning the tobacco and inhaling toxic smoke, while using an IQOS device involves heating up the tobacco but not burning it - so there’s no smoke and far fewer toxins.

Question : How do you use an IQOS device?

Answer : Using an IQOS device is simple: just insert the tobacco stick into the device and press the bottom button to heat it up. Then remove the stick and enjoy!

Question : How long does the tobacco stick last?

Answer : Each tobacco stick typically lasts for about 6 minutes or 14 puffs, so you can get a satisfying experience from one stick.

Question : How do I clean the device?

Answer : It’s important to keep your IQOS device clean and free of debris. After using the tobacco stick, you should remove it from the device and dispose of it in an appropriate way. Then, you can clean the device with the cleaning brush provided.

Question : What sets the IQOS 2.4 (second generation) apart from its successor, the IQOS 2.4Plus (third generation)?

Answer : IQOS 2.4 Plus is a third-generation design that has improved heating performance, shorter charging time, a high-brightness light, and vibration notifications to make your life easier than ever before. In terms of looks, it features a sleek matte finish that’s sure to turn heads compared to its predecessor's gold-polished case.

Question : How much is nicotine content in IQOS compared to traditional cigarettes?

Answer : The nicotine content in IQOS is 0.5mg per stick much lower than that of traditional cigarettes. This is because the tobacco heating system used by IQOS only heats up the tobacco, not burning it as a traditional cigarette would.

Question : Can I buy an IQOS holder separately from the market?

Answer : The IQOS holder can be bought and used separately in case it breaks. However, both 2.4 & 2.4plus holders are not compatible with all other models - they must correspond to their respective systems for optimal functioning!

Question : What is the reason for the pocket charger battery status LED located on top of the device to turn green when a new IQOS is plugged into the charger?

Answer : Is this plug specifically designed for IQOS? The lights will turn green if you use a non-conforming charging plug. To properly charge your device, first, connect the power cord to the IQOS pocket charger and then insert it into an outlet - when correctly plugged in, its light should be orange.

Question : What should I do if the light of the holder turns red?

Answer : Insert the holder into the charger, secure its cover, and for 10 seconds concurrently press both the power button and reset button. After that time period has passed, release your grip from them - watch as the machine reboots itself with all red lights turning off!

Question : How to charge IQOS?

Answer : The pocket charger and the charging treasure share similarities in their functionality, as both can be connected to an Android mobile phone through a micro USB interface. Both devices also feature four battery indicator lights that connect to the charging head. The pocket charger, much like a traditional cigarette case, houses the IQOS during the charging process. To help decrease the risk of addiction, it is suggested to provide a 4-minute charging period between IQOS smoking sessions.

Question : What is the frequency of changing the heat stick in the IQOS heat not burn device?

Answer : When you've used up all the IQOS heat sticks, a light will flash to alert you.

Question : What kind of flavor?

Answer : IQOS tobacco sticks come in a variety of flavors to suit your taste. Choose from menthol, smooth, classic, and even fruity flavors! There's something for everyone. Enjoy!

Question : How long does the general heat stick last, and what is its lifespan?

Answer : The general heat stick is designed to last a minimum of 150 months, depending on your usage frequency.

Question : How many heat sticks come in each box?

Answer : Each box of IQOS heat sticks contains 20 pieces, so you can get a satisfying experience for a long time.

Question : What temperature does the IQOS heat stick reach?

Answer : The maximum temperature of the tobacco heating system is 350 degrees Celsius. This temperature is low enough to avoid burning the tobacco and producing tar, but just right for releasing the flavor of the tobacco. Enjoy the taste without any of the bad stuff.

Question : Does IQOS release smoke?

Answer : Unlike traditional cigarettes, IQOS does not produce smoke.

Question : What are the steps for properly using the IQOS system?

Answer :

  • Insert the holder into the pocket charger to charge. The green light on the pocket charger will start to flash, indicating that charging is in progress.
  • After approximately 40 minutes, the green light will stop flashing and turn off automatically, indicating that the IQOS is fully charged.
  • Remove the holder by pressing the metal key on the top of the pocket charger. Insert a heat stick into the holder, making sure the heat stick filter is aligned with the top of the IQOS holder cap.
  • Press the heater switch, and the green light will flash. Release your finger after 2-3 seconds, and the holder will start to heat. After about 20 seconds, the heat stick will remain lit in green and ready for use.
  • A heat stick can typically be smoked in about 1 minute. If the light on the holder turns red, it can be smoked for an additional 1-2 puffs before extinguishing.
  • To dispose of the used heat stick, pull the holder up and down or left and right to remove it.


Question : Do you wonder what sets the Japanese and European versions of IQOS apart?

Answer : IQOS is a product of Philip Morris International, one of the world's largest tobacco companies known for its independent brands Marlboro and Paramount. The device has been designed by a Swiss company and its parts are sourced from various countries including Germany, Italy, China, and Malaysia.

The final assembly takes place in Malaysia, making the device's lineage primarily European. However, when selling IQOS in different regions, the language and power plugs are adapted to the local market.

For example, the power plugs in Europe have a roundhead, while in Asia and Japan, the power plugs have a flathead. Despite these regional differences, the IQOS device remains the same across all markets.

Question : What is the significance of the orange color displayed on the outer box when it is connected to the power supply?

Answer : The orange color displayed on the outer box of the IQOS device is a reminder to charge it for at least 4 minutes between every use. This ensures that the device is always at its optimum performance and ready for action! You can easily charge the device by connecting it to the power supply through the USB port.

Question : Why is there a red light on my IQOS?

Answer : The red light on your IQOS indicates that the holder needs to be charged. When the battery level in the holder is low, the red light will turn on as a reminder to charge it.

Question : Should I put it in the box charger for charging after use?

Answer : Yes, otherwise there is no full charge. The light on the holder turns red when it is taken out and cannot be used normally.

Question : Have you ever wondered why your light turns off after smoking a heat stick?

Answer : Every time you use the iQOS, it needs to be placed back in its pocket charger for charging. The entire process takes around five minutes - a short wait until your device is powered up and ready to go!

Question : Can I use the same heat stick twice?

Answer : No, heat sticks should only be used once. Once it has been fully smoked, the heat stick must be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. Reusing or tampering with the heat stick can lead to health risks and safety hazards.

Question : Is there any ash produced by IQOS?

Answer : IQOS does not produce any ash as it heats tobacco rather than burning it. This makes IQOS a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cigarettes. Moreover, the heat stick itself is designed with filters that reduce the risk of inhalation of harmful substances found in tobacco smoke.

Question : Can I use regular cigarettes with IQOS?

Answer : No, regular cigarettes cannot be used with IQOS. IQOS is designed specifically for use with heat sticks and will not function properly if regular cigarettes are used. It is important to use the correct heat sticks in order to achieve optimum performance from IQOS.

Question : Is it possible to insert the heat stick into the holder in order to power up?

Answer : Absolutely not, charging it will harm the heating chip inside the holder.

Question : Are you unsure how to use your device for the first time? Will you need to charge it prior to usage?

Answer : The batteries can be charged and ready to use in as little as three to five hours at the factory, meaning that you won't have any wait time for your battery power. This direct usage makes it simple and efficient for all of your needs.

Question : Do I need to remove the holder when charging the pocket charger?

Answer : No, it is not necessary to remove the holder when charging the pocket charger. The device can be easily charged by plugging the power supply into the USB port.

Question : How many charge does the iQOS device last?

Answer : The multifunctional iQOS charging bin is capable of being recharged 7300 times, however it should be noted that after each charge the battery life will require more frequent recharge cycles.

Question : Why does the red light appear when the device is used for a second time?

Answer : After a single use, your iQOS holder needs to be reenergized. To do this, simply place it back in the pocket charger for five minutes and you're ready to go!

Question : What if I face difficulty in reloading a heat stick?

Answer : If you have difficulty reloading a heat stick, ensure that the holder is clean and free from dirt and debris. If this does not solve the issue, you may need to replace the holder.

Question : Is it safe to leave my IQOS device charging overnight?

Answer : It is not recommended to leave your IQOS device charging overnight. The device should be unplugged after it has been fully charged. Leaving it plugged in may overcharge and damage the device

IQOS All Light Indicators

The IQOS device has three charging indicators that provide important information about its current status.


  •  When the body of the IQOS is being charged, the green light will be turned off or on depending on if it is actively charging.
  •  If a yellow light does not light up, it means the charger may not be connecting properly to the device.
  •  If a red light does not turn on, it could indicate a faulty part or charging issue.
  •  The second indicator is for the pocket charger, which will have a green light turned off when charging and all green lights turned on when fully charged.
  •  A single green light at the bottom indicates an item is still in the queue to be charged.
  •  Finally, when cleaning automatically after the IQOS is charged, you'll know because the yellow light will be lit and the green one will be off.
  •  If neither of those indicators appears lit, then there might be an issue with either your pocket charger or your charging has completely stopped and won't continue.
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